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Released Artifacts for zot

Revised: 2022-09-08

This document describes the available zot images for the various supported hardware and software platforms, along with information about image variations, image locations, and image naming formats.

Available releases

As of the revision date of this document, the available zot versions are:

Table: available versions

Version Status Release date
v1.4.2-rc5 development TBD

Supported platforms

zot is supported on Linux and Apple MacOS platforms with Intel or ARM processors.

Table: Supported platforms and architectures

OS ARCH Platform
linux amd64 Intel-based Linux servers
linux arm64 ARM-based servers and Raspberry Pi4
darwin amd64 Intel-based MacOS
darwin arm64 ARM-based MacOS (Apple M1)

Full and minimal binary images

In addition to variations for specific platforms and architectures, binary images are also available in full and minimal flavors:

  • A full zot binary image is compiled with all extensions. Extensions include functions such as metrics, registry synchronization, search, and scrub.

  • A minimal distribution-spec conformant zot binary image is compiled with only a minimal set of code and libraries, reducing the attack surface. This option might be optimal for a registry embedded in a shipping product.

Binary image file naming

An executable binary image for zot is named using the target platform and architecture from the Supported platforms and architectures table. The general format of a binary image file name is one of these two:


  • A full zot binary image with all extensions has a filename of the form zot-os-architecture. For example, the full binary image for an Intel-based linux server is zot-linux-amd64.


  • A minimal distribution-spec conformant zot binary image has a filename of the form zot-os-architecture-minimal. For example, the minimal binary image for an Intel-based linux server is zot-linux-amd64-minimal.

Tip: For convenience, you can rename the binary image file to simply zot after downloading.

Where to get zot

The zot project is hosted on GitHub at project-zot.

zot images are currently hosted in these publicly-accessible repositories:



Tip: You may need to use the chmod command to make the image executable.

zot Licensing

zot is released under the Apache License 2.0.