A production-ready vendor-neutral OCI image registry server purely based on OCI standards.

What is zot?

There are two broad trends occurring currently in how we build, distribute and consume software. The first one is the increasing adoption of container technologies. The second one is that we no longer build everything from scratch but compose our software solutions from various sources but, this also raises the important question of software provenance and supply chain security.

Zot intends to play an important role in this regard. At its heart, zot is a production-ready vendor-neutral OCI image registry with images stored in OCI image format, distribution specification on-the-wire, that's it!

Why choose zot Image Registry?

Security hardening

Clear separation between core distribution spec and zot-specific extensions

Open Source

Suitable for deployments in cloud, bare-metal and embedded devices

Single binary with many features

Software supply chain security-supports cosign and notation